Glulam is a high-quality material which is useful in a wide range of applications and possesses outstanding properties. It can be incorporated ideally in interior design and is particularly attractive.

Glulam – A high-tech product:

The term glulam is understood to be components for wooden constructions that are made of technically dried spruce boards, from which flaws that reduce rigidity and visual defects such as large knots, pitch-pockets and ingrown bark have been removed. Elimination of the weak points and the layered structure result in the high-tech product known as glulam. 

High dimensional stability:

Normal construction timber continues to dry in its installation condition. It shrinks, distorts and warps. Solid wood 24 cm wide, for example, shrinks between 10 and 20 mm with a wood moisture content reduction from 30 % to 10 %. This can also result in the formation of cracks. The most frequent cause of leaks in external walls and the consequent damage caused by the moisture is the shrinking of timber that was installed when it was still too wet. During the manufacture of glulam, the lamellae are technically dried to approx. 12 % wood moisture content before gluing, and they are planed afterwards. The finished glulam thus already has a wood moisture content which corresponds to the equilibrium moisture in the installation condition.


Glulam exhibits substantially better characteristics than solid wood during processing. It will also not warp over the long term and the degree of cracking is minimized.Glulam is thus particularly suitable for visible components and the basis for a durable and dimensionally stable construction.

Large dimensions and slimmer cross sections:

Glulam exhibits a higher degree of stability and higher rigidity than normal timber. It can be manufactured in lengths up to 18 m and dimensions up to 240 x 1240 mm. It is therefore possible to produce slim, supporting framework systems that cover large spans without the need for supports.

High-quality surfaces:

Planed and chamfered on all sides, glulam has a smooth and appealing surface.


In order to fulfil the most diverse creative requirements, glulam is also available in different surface qualities:

  • Visual quality for components and all kinds of constructions with static and optical requirements
  • Industrial quality for glulam with static requirements but without optical requirements


Attractive possibilities for interior design:

The technical features mentioned also provide architectural and/or creative advantages. Glulam harmonizes perfectly with other materials such as natural stone, concrete, steel or glass. Additional design accents can be achieved through treatment with paint, waxes or glazes.

Simple and trouble-free processing:

High-quality materialis also very valuable through its speed of processing.

No chemical wood preservation required indoors:

Fungi that is destructive to timber requires wood moisture to grow - this can be eliminated with the professional installation of glulam under the roof and in the building interior. Therefore, in accordance with DIN 68800 part 3, chemical wood preservation is not required in virtually all cases.

Outstanding living biology characteristics:

As a natural product, glulam has exceptional habitation biology characteristics and has a positive effect on the indoor climate.

Glulam from Mosser ... in proven quality:

Glulam from Mosser is a trouble-free, versatile branded product, which is manufactured using state-of-the-art production technology. It goes without saying that Mosser has all of the relevant marks of conformity, which can be accessed in the Download Center. 


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