Sawn timber

Mosser has been producing sawn timber with great care and expert competence for decades and it is not just any interchangeable product. The big difference is in the countless details that have been perfected over the years. 


The Mosser wood industry possesses state-of-the-art timber production know-how. At the same time, our many years' experience is extremely valuable for our customers. 


We process spruce wood only and use it to produce sawn timber for numerous areas of application, such as glulam production, timber construction, roof construction, pallet production, etc. 


The shifting of pre-production and processing stages to the supplier is a worldwide trend today. With efficient kiln driers we are equipped in the best possible way to support our customers with additional services, to enhance their operational efficiency.

t goes without saying that Mosser has all of the relevant marks of conformity, which can be accessed in the Download Center. 


Our sales team will be glad to assist you if you require any additional information on our products.